SDSU Meal Plans. 2021-2021

2021 - 22 Commuter Plan

Commuter meal plan sales begin one week prior to the start of each semester and must be purchased in person by students at the SDSU Dining office by the deadlines specified below. Payment is required in full at the time of purchase. Meals included in the meal plan are accepted at The Garden and UTK and carry a maximum value of $15 per meal. The declining debit dollars may be used at any participating meal plan location and replenish on Monday mornings on valid weeks. A spring semester meal plan purchase is required in order for fall balances to roll over. Unused funds at the end of spring semester are forfeited without refund. Commuter meal plans may not be canceled or changed at any time once purchased.



Meals + Declining Debit Dollars

With the Commuter Plan, I get both:


  • 2 meals are deposited every Monday per week and carry over week to week if not used.
  • Total for the fall: 36 meals
  • Total for the spring: 32 meals

Meals are valid at The Garden Restaurant at Cuicacalli Suites or University Towers Kitchen (UTK), both open 7 days a week. *** UTK carries a two meal maximum per visit and meals are valid at UTK for grill items and Market Fresh grab-n-go items only.


  • $69 deposited every Monday per week during each semester. Unused funds roll over week to week.

Declining balance and meals carry over to the Spring semester ONLY if a commuter plan is repurchased in the Spring semester.

Commuter meal plan sales begin one week prior to the start of each semester. Sold Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm in the SDSU dining office, located in EDU 112. The dining office accepts credit, debit or checks. 

FALL: Friday, September 17, 2021
SPRING: Friday, February 11, 2022

FALL: Thursday, December 16, 2021
SPRING: Thursday, May 12, 2022

Want to provide payment information for your students meal plan over the phone?

Download and fill out this PDF Credit Card Authorization Form that allows us to take credit card payments over the phone on behalf of your student. Please return the form on the day that your student will visit our office to complete their meal plan license agreement.  We will need a new form for each phone transaction and the date of the form must match the transaction date. 

We are located in Education Building, room 112; Open weekdays, 8am to 3pm for commuter purchases.  

Download PDF