Meal Plan FAQ

San Diego State University Meal Plans 2017-2018

Frequently Asked Questions: Meal Plans

If you have additional questions or need advice, contact SDSU Dining at (619) 594-7640. You can e-mail questions to

When does my meal plan begin?
The first meal begins on Friday, August 25, 2017 for the fall semester.  The first meal begins on Monday, January 15, 2018 for the spring semester.

Where does my meal plan work?
Meal plans are accepted at over 20 dining locations, including all seven Aztec Market Convenience Stores. All locations that accept SDSU Meal Plans are listed under the restaurants page.

The only exceptions are: Faculty-Staff Club, Chipotle, Pho on Fifth, South Campus Plaza locations which include: Eureka, Which Wich, Epic Wings -N- Things, Trader Joe's, Broken Yolk & Poke 1 1/2

Can meal plans be changed?
Yes. The meal plan holder may change their meal plan by signing a new agreement with the SDSU Dining Office. There is a $5 processing fee due at the time of change. Your meal plan may ONLY be changed during the following designated dates at the SDSU Dining Office located in the Education Building, room 112. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8am – 3pm.
Sept. 11 - 15, 2017
Effective Sept. 25, 2017
Nov. 13 - 17, 2017
Effective Jan. 15, 2018
Jan. 29 - Feb. 2, 2018
Effective Feb. 12, 2018
How many meal days are in a semester?
Fall 2017: 83 weekdays and 32 weekend days = 115 total days. Spring 2018: 79 weekdays and 28 weekend days = 107 total days.

Are unused meal plan balances refunded at the end of the semester or at the end of the academic year?
No, there are no refunds at any time on balances. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of their meal plans during their time in residence halls.

What if a student has a special dietary need or is a vegetarian?
The staff of SDSU Dining will work with students to identify where food is available that meets specific dietary needs. Please contact us at (619) 594-7640 as soon as possible to discuss your specific situation. Also, many vegetarian options are available in our restaurants, convenience stores and at The Garden.

Does my meal plan work for other items like medicine or toiletries?
No. Meal Plans are set up for food and beverages only.

What if I lose or forget my meal card?
You can pick up a temporary meal card from the SDSU Dining Office (Education Building, Room 112) or pay for your meal and bring your receipts to the SDSU Dining Office for a refund within two weeks of your purchase. The receipts must be from a location where the meal plan is accepted and within the stipulations of your meal plan. 

I'm sick and cannot go out to use my meal plan. What can I do?
If you can’t make it to a “regular” meal due to illness, you may request a Sick Tray Form from your residence hall’s front desk. The form, along with your Red ID Card, must be taken to The Garden at Cuicacalli, University Towers Kitchen (UTK) or the Aztec Market in front of Chapultepec Hall. You must make arrangements for someone else to pick up your meal.  Meal plans are non-transferrable and Red ID's will be confiscated if someone other than the card holder attempts to use a meal plan.  Please follow the above procedure if you are ill.

My Meal Plan is on hold. What should I do?
A Meal Plan is placed on hold for late housing payments. Please visit the cashiers office in Student Services West to resolve holds.  When this happens, pay for your meals with cash, debit, or credit and keep your receipts. After your meal plan is removed from hold, bring your receipts (in order by date) to the SDSU Dining Office no more than 2 weeks after your hold is lifted for a refund. The receipts must be from locations where meal plans are accepted and within the stipulations of your meal plan.